Welcome to Puppy School

Kingston Vets have had a puppy school for almost as long as they’ve had a clinic, but it wasn’t until 2016 that our very own, Nurse Jade took over as the Puppy School Master. She has transformed a generic Puppy School to a fun and relevent class that clients and puppies alike love to attend!

Initially nervous about speaking in front of a crowd, Jade is now flourishing as our No.1 instructor. She’s passionate about the human-pet bond and providing the absolute best care to pets in terms of their diet, training & lifestyle. It’s one thing to say this but another to truly put the work in and Jade doesn’t disappoint, spending hours of her own time planning and organising classes. Her Puppy School aim is to make that bond as rewarding and as easy as possible for both parties and she believes this is best done by starting at the beginning!

Training in a group class helps puppies develop good social habits with other dogs where taking them to an enviroment with grown dogs may be intimidating and result in fear of strange dogs. When it comes to training, an early start is the best start and the Kingston Vet puppy school has been created to build both puppy and owner through basic obedience techniques and offer a solid foundation for life with your new puppy.

About Our Classes

Most classes run for 2 hours because everyone is having too much fun! Even the puppies, who can sleep through their early lessons because they are so little and easily overwhelmed. Another awesome outcome of puppy school (aside from happy, well socialised dogs) is dogs that LOVE the clinic, and all our Puppy School graduates love coming to Kingston – yup! Even for their needles!

In 2019 Jade welcomed Kate, another of our fantastic nurses, into the Puppy School Programme as an instructor! Kate is as laid-back as Jade and just as much fun and we’re so proud of both the girls for creating such a wonderful programme. If she had all the hours in the world Jade would start a Kitten school but for now, it’s puppies, liver treats & face licks on Thursdays & Sundays and we’re definitely not sad about it

Puppy Socialisation

Socialisation of puppies is as important as teaching your puppy the basic commands. Dog will not always be under your watch so they must learn how to behave around dogs they dont know, and be relaxed in doing so. Group classes allow puppies to meet similar aged dogs in a controlled environment and we recommend doing this before they are set loose one your local dog park where the enviroment is less controlled and the may experience more boisterous behaviour form larger breeds.

It is important that your puppy has plenty of positive ‘new dog’ experiences in their first 4 to 6 months of life. This will have a strong influence on their ongoing social behaviours.

What do we teach?

We teach a broad range of behaviours and commands with the core ones being:

  • Come when called
  • Sit and drop
  • Walk on a lead without pulling
  • Wait / Stay
  • Accept people near food and toys
  • Socialise with people and other dogs
  • Approach owners and people without jumping

Most importantly this all happens in a fun all singing, all dancing, puppy training extravaganza!

Class dates & Prices

For class times, prices and to book in please go to www.kvhpuppyschool.com