Let’s talk weight loss diets and why keeping your pet at a healthy weight is so important.

Extra kilograms on your pet can add extra stress onto the body. The extra weight can add pressure on the joints, heart, and the lungs.

Meet Kayla:

Kayla is a Labrador, an ex-service dog with a lovely personality who was at least 10 kilograms overweight. The vet had recommended a weight-loss diet and plan using Royal Canin Satiety.

In clinic we often prescribe Royal Canin Satiety for weight loss management for both dogs and cats. It is specially formulated for safe and effective weight loss. With a high fibre level, it helps our pets feel more satisfied between meals and to control begging behaviour by keeping them fuller for longer. It also has a high protein content to support healthy weight loss whilst also maintaining muscle mass.
Here is how we got Kayla down to her goal weight:

  • Owners worked with Nurse Jade to create a plan to gradually loose the weight safely. Kayla’s goal was to lose 10 kilograms and we did this over a 12-month period with a consistent 100g loss per week. It’s important to do this slowly to allow time for the metabolism to adapt to the change.
  • Weekly weigh-ins with alterations to her diet allowance to maximise weight loss.
  • Regular activity such as walks and doggy playgroup.

Kayla’s owners found the more weight she lost the more active she was. Her overall demeanour changed throughout this period for the better.

What now?:

  • We have transitioned her onto a regular diet with a prescribed amount particular to Kayla’s weight and activity level.
  • Monthly check ins, to check whether she can maintain her weight on this food and not gain or lose any further weight.

Weight loss plans can take a long period of time to get your pet to their ideal weight, that’s why we are here to help. Best results for getting your pet to lose weight, is to reach out and ask for help with one of our nurses who can create a diet plan or enlist the help of Nurse Jade, who runs a 1:1 weight loss clinic if you need an extra tailored hand at home.